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Jo Bheji Thi Dua, Wo Jake aasman (Shanghai): Lyrics

Дата публикации: 2018-05-27 17:53

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Kudos to those talented people who created the song. I heard it quite sometime back and was moved frm then i did not know frm whch movie it one day i heard it once again and downloaded it. What an awesome meaning the song carries and sung beautifully..

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It starts tearing whn d song of doz dreams which nvr came i hear d song MERE SAATH SATH CHAL RAHA HE YADON KA DUA

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Aisa laga ki jaise soyi thi me, sunkar ye gana kanhi khoyi thi me,

jab suni khud ki aawaj to laga, jaise kanhi bahne lagi me.

When you listen to dis song:
It starts starts to take us in our past mistakes to our loved once the world Where we dont want to go back,Also reminds of doz dreams which we had dreamed wth our lover wch nvr came i hear d song I have a thought, I hope He Forgives Me..

One of the best heart touching song..especially when it saath saath chal raha hai yaadoon ka dhuaan..it reminds me someone whom i never wanted to loose..miss u forever !!!

One of the best song i ever heard in my life..especially when he SAATH SAATH CHAL RAHA HAI YAADON KA DHUAAN..it reminds me someone whom i never wanted to ll always be in my and u!!!

super song..mera bharat mahan.
amirji ne phir ek kranti karne ja rahe hai. all d best..
amirji tum aage bado hum (indians) tumhare saath hai.
Bhairav from belgaum (karnataka)

This song really just touches the heart in just the right place. I myself have listened to it like a hundred time but yet each time I hear it, its like theres a new meaning to it. The way this song is made and with the emotions its filled with just gives the person listening to the song a big warm hug. This song is beyond geat. Well done.

Very of the most beautiful song i ever listened.

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Awesome song...this song is voice of many hearts...kabhi kabhi really aisa hota hai..hum pray to krte hain but vo raste mein reh jati hai

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