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Dracula Untold 2 ⓴⓴ Sequel Rumors, Release Date, Trailer

Дата публикации: 2018-05-27 16:56

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[ ] David Goyer wrote Jumper (he also wrote Blade, and seems like the kinda guy who could write a Dracula Untold Sequel and make it decent, but I digress), but he’s moved on to a heck of a lot better stuff, including [ ]

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Just saw it again today. And really like it. If the director and producer just stick to the original story as the end promises, do a healthy flesh out the old vampire 8767 s character, he could be an antiquity collector and Vlad has something he needs, etc., you 8767 ll have a good movie. JUST PLS get a great screenwriter, someon who is know because this could be a really entertaining franchise. It 8767 s amazing how Hollywood has lost it 8767 s innovation and not knowing when they have a jewel. Don 8767 t waste time you got great actors in this and they are only getting older.

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Please make the movie !! I would love to see where they left off!! And I love Luke Evans he is the best for this movie!! By far the best!

Well, I can say if Charles Dance returns, I 8767 ll NEVER say he 8767 s the worst actor in the film, because he 8767 s Tywin Lannister, and he 8767 ll have me killed! THEY ALWAYS PAY THEIR DEBTS!

I agree. It was a great movie. It should star off where it left off With him and Mina and The vampire who says let the games begin.

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So it looks like following the release of the new trailer for Tom Cruise 8767 s The Mummy that Dracula Untold 7 is likely not going to happen. Universal Studios wants to reboot all of their monster franchises to be in a single world, and while Dracula Untold could fit in to that, they want The Mummy to be the starting point. I kinda get this. I don 8767 t like it, but Cruise is going to likely be the anchor of these films, sort of like Robert Downey Jr. in Marvel 8767 s films. And he wouldn 8767 t want to play second fiddle to Dracula Untold, no matter how good it could be.

[ ] I see no reason to break tradition, though adding David Goyer, wrote Jumper (and might write a Dracula Untold Sequel and make it decent, but I digress) would be amazing, if he’s not too busy. Spoiler: he [ ]

Why do they do this to us!! The Mummy is cool and all BUT I WANT DRACULA UNTOLD 7 BLAST YOU!!! I want this sequel more than any sequel I have ever wanted sigh. Luke has to be Dracula. Don 8767 t be the Golden Compass, Jumper, etc..

[ ] Dance played a vampire in Dracula Untold. He won 8767 t be one here but instead play a new rogue turned hero picked [ ]

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