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OpenStack is one of the most successful open source projects in history, meaning that thousands of developers from all over the world, representing many top tech companies, have contributed their time, talent, and expertise to building the software over the last five years since it launched.

OpenStack Cloud Computing Cookbook: Over 100 practical

Many businesses opt to keep their backups close at hand in private servers either onsite or offsite. However, cloud backup services have gained popularity as internet speeds and storage capacities have increased over the years. The biggest benefits to outsourcing your backup is that you don't have to dedicate your IT department to maintaining the backup storage, freeing it up for other tasks. You'll also know that your data is safe during a disaster, since it's backed up off-site.

Bright Computing | Advanced Linux Cluster Management Software

Because no matter what type of cloud you deploy public, private, or hybrid it should be open. Many cloud infrastructures are based on Linux ® and other open source software, and nobody does open source better than Red Hat. We make cloud computing easy with cloud automation features, comprehensive consulting , and hands-on training from expert instructors.

When the CIA chose Amazon to help it build a giant cloud-computing data center in a deal valued at $655 million, it was big news. If the CIA trusts Amazon's security, a lot of other enterprises will, too.

Mason came up with a solution to a really hard problem for cloud computing. His company, MuleSoft connects different clouds together so that they can share information.

By some measures, AWS is the biggest cloud player. That's changing now that competitors like IBM are charging in. But Jassy is still running the most powerful cloud in this increasingly competitive world.

We will build you a highly available production cloud, implemented on-site with Canonical&rsquo s expert delivery team in the shortest possible time.

Price was previously president of SuccessFactors and SAP Cloud. Price's star rose in the company at the start of 7569, when two of SAP's top cloud executives resigned , a little more than a year after they joined the company.

Public clouds are taking over the world. Every day, more and more companies are moving their infrastructure to services like AWS or Microsoft Azure to save capital and operational costs. This begs the question: Where does this leave OpenStack ?

When not working on cloud computing, Taylor can often be found running the lights for several bands and theater companies in Seattle and New York.

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