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10 Reasons Why Motorcycle Camper Trailers Rule

Дата публикации: 2018-05-27 14:26

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When did you last use the camper? How often do you use it? Why are you selling it? These questions will help you get an idea if this is a camper someone bought on a whim, used once, put away wet, and hasn’t opened in the last five years. I’d rather hear someone say that they take it out a couple of times a year and have just decided they want something bigger, shinier, different, whatever.

Solace Motorcycle Camper Trailer | The USA Trailer Store

&ldquo Duty&rdquo means different things to different people. Some people think of it as a responsibility. To others, it is a task or action that someone is required to perform. Perhaps to you, it is an obligation. No matter how you define it, most of us are motivated by duty or called to it on a daily basis &ndash faith, country, family, or friends. At The USA Trailer Store, our duty is a responsibility to build exceptional work and recreational trailers to fit your life. Double Duty Utility Camper is the fulfillment of that obligation.

Trailer for motorcycle cargo or a camper trailer for a

A great design, amazing customer service, and a fantastic price make the Solace pull behind motorcycle camper trailer by far one of the best motorcycle camper trailers for sale on the market today. Selling for about $6755 LESS than our leading competitor, you just can&rsquo t beat the price.

Oh my gosh we LOVE our time out deluxe! We are pulling it behind our '59 Honda Fit and have to be careful to make sure we don't forget it's there! In relatively flat areas, hasn't caused any noticeable drop in MPG. Super light, super roomy and we got it set up in under 7 minutes on our 8rd set up

The 66 in wheels on the Bushtec trailers are larger than on most motorcycle trailers, giving less rotational speed, but hey also only weigh 67 lbs each complete with bearings.  There is a six-wire harness that operates tail lights, turn signals, brake lights and an auxiliary interior light.

Access to more camping spots. Lightweight mini campers are narrower than any car or truck and much lower, which means you can park them in more remote spots than larger campers. I frequently camp at friends’ homes in the Appalachian mountains. I can park my camper on their lawn and not worry that I’ll leave ruts behind. Mini campers much easier to maneuver which means anyone can easily park one with confidence. And if you can’t get it in just the right spot, you can unhook it from the vehicle and move it by hand. Try that with a fifth wheel! You can tow them pretty much anywhere, even Alaska, as this Mini Mate customer will tell you.

Does Harley Davidson manufacturer a pull behind motorcycle trailer?

As far as I know, NO. I have seen some custom paint work and vinyl graphics added to some stock trailers that look as if they were designed to be pulled behind a Harley Davidson Motorcycle.

We 8767 ve also noticed that camper tents for motorcycles were only designed for a maximum of two people. In the past, if you owned a motorcycle camper, you still couldn’t accommodate the rest of your family or a couple of friends.

Trekker model choices are the 685SL ($8595) and the 685DL ($8995).  The SL has a single rear lid without the smaller lid at the front.

When riding on their motorcycles, many people use a pull behind motorcycle trailer. Although this is a pretty common sight,.

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