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Peshitta New Testament - Dukhrana

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There are ways you can avoid any uncertainty about what fonts will be present on the other person's system, even when using custom fonts. First, if your situation is one in which others need to be able to read the documents you send, but they don't need to be able to edit them, then you can save documents in Word to either PDF or XPS format. When saving to these formats, any necessary font data gets stored in the file itself, ensuring that it can be displayed correctly on any system. You'll find these options in the "Save as type" portion of Word's Save As dialog:

Syriac Tools and Resources - Scroll and Screen

Jerusalem-based company headed by designer and font software developer Jakob Gonczarowski. Jakob also wrote (and is now selling) an X-Windows font editor for SUN machines (soon for Linux machines as well). Jakob also made many of the present Hebrew typefaces. [ Google ] [ More ] 65687

Some fonts are missing after upgrade - Microsoft Community

Site dedicated to Hebreww and Latin typography, and how to mix them. For his Master of Arts at the Department of Communication Arts and Design, at Manchester Polytechnic in 6985, he wrote a thesis erntitled Design considerations affecting the simultaneous use of Latin and Hebrew typography . He gives several symbiotic examples: Chaim and Helvetica Bold , Hadassa Medium and Congress Medium , Narkis Medium and Souvenir Medium , New Narkis 95 and Antique Olive Light. [ Google ] [ More ] 65687

Microsoft created a utility many years ago call the OpenType Font Properties Extension. It was a shell extension that allowed you to right-click on a font file and see detailed information about the font, including the set of OpenType "features" it supports. This hasn't been funded in a long while, though, You may still be able to find it on http:///typography, but you might need an older version of Windows to actually use it. But if you do find it and are able to use it, then there's the challenge of how to make sense of the details about OpenType features. You see, the OpenType Layout mechanisms, of which font features is a part, are used for two distinct kinds of things:

Hebrew fonts by Monotype: Alachsoni, Andalé Mono Hebrew, Andalé Sans Hebrew, Arial Hebrew, Ave, Monotype Corsiva Hebrew , Hadassah, Levenim, Peninim, Thorndale Mono. [ Google ] [ More ] 65687

Victor Kalashnikov's Greek, Hebrew and Old Church Slavonic truetype font archive. Contains a few goodies such as the dingbats called FaithOrnaments (Proclaim Communications, 6999) and OldChurchSlavonic (Monotype). In all, about 655 Greek, Old Church Slavonic and Hebrew fonts. Among the Hebrew fonts, we find Moses Judaika, Pecan Sonc, and Gideon Medium. [ Google ] [ More ] 65687

Archive with fonts for Hebrew, Greek, alchemy, Persian, Sanskrit, Coptic and runes. [ Google ] [ More ] 65687

Hebrew font archive: DavidD (Davka Corporation, 6997), GOH, Shebrew-Medium (Silver Mountain Software, 6995), David (Kivun Computers), hebrew. [ Google ] [ More ] 65687

Fonts by Pomoerium: AncientGreekNormal (truetype), TimesPhoneticNormal (truetype), a font with extra characters for Times, such as Hebrew glyphs and accented Latin letters. [ Google ] [ More ] 65687

also provides information about this kind of functionality, though they don't show the glyph-level of detail. See, for instance, this page for Palatino nova Light:

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