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Exceptional Selling: How the Best Connect and Win in High

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Electronics sales grew the most they had in a decade. Gunnar Rathbun / Invision for Walmart / AP Images

7Psychological Triggers that Win Sales and Influence

When applying the unity sales technique to your online store, it’s okay to use labels. In fact, it’s encouraged. Labels enforce these shared identities. You’re not a “Justin Bieber fan,” you’re a “Belieber.” There’s a reason his fans are so fiercely loyal and they share that identity with each other to create an entire community of passionate Beliebers.

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Remember when Oprah endorsed Weight Watchers and shared her success story? She was convincing because she had first-hand experience with the products and the results. Weight Watchers even created a dedicated page on their website to share her story and expertise, which helped to establish their authority on the topic.

While advertising free gifts pre-purchase is a great way to drive first-time purchases and tap into the psychology of shopping, you can take a more subliminal approach to using free gifts to drive online sales. A surprise and delight approach to this tactic in the psychology of selling means that you don’t tell customers ahead of time about what they’re getting for free. Instead, they’ll find out when they receive the product that you’ve thrown in an extra freebie.

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To a degree, we re all salespeople, whether our job title reflects it or not. If you work in account management or in a typical sales job, you already know how hard it can be to make the same pitch repeatedly -- to the point where you re not even sure whom you told and whom you didn t tell.

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While salespeople may know how to talk, their gift of gab can make them lackluster listeners. When client speak, their tone gives away a lot of information , even when what they re saying is all positive. If you re too busy thinking of the next thing you want to say, you may lose out on what the client actually wants to hear.

Measuring sales key performance indicators (KPIs) for your sales reps is critical for sales performance management and building a predictable, repeatable revenue generation process. Studying the “right” sales performance metrics lets sales managers determine which reps are struggling and in which areas they need coaching help with. Unfortunately, a lot of sales managers still struggle with identifying the “right” metrics and typically fall back on traditional basic metrics such as # of activities. Here are 8 key categories of “right”  sales performance metrics  that you should measure for your sales reps.

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