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ESSA-8 looks to be because it is the Dec solstice time (a less defined hole and more graduated light). ESSA-7 looks like a limitation of the composite image due to the movement of the satellite orbiting around the north pole? And maybe ESSA-8 was orbiting around the south pole and therefore could see more of the north pole? Just a guess though. I would have thought both satellites were sent to the south pole as the Americans still continue to do that.

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Many birds in the North American deserts, so fragmented by mountains offering humid habitats and permanent streams, simply fly to free water and so are not limited by the lack of open water. They maintain breeding seasons like other temperate zone birds synchronized by changing photoperiods. In Australia, where the desert geography is quite different and aridity more pervasive, bird populations synchronize their breeding readiness according to cues of rainfall, however erratic and sporadic that may be.

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I think you are going to find that the sun and moon are one and the same, just different effects. What I can 8767 t figure out is which one is creating the other one or if they are both created by something else altogether. Did you ever see the video Crrow777 posted showing the anomaly on the moon within the same 79 hours there was a sun flare on the sun in the exact spot? I 8767 ll see if I can find both videos

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The problem lies in its contradiction with the entire smokey god world having constant daylight everywhere all the time, which means it can 8767 t be convex, unless light is bending fully around and yet they sail through the Earth 8767 s north pole and come out its south.

When I videoed the moon a a few days ago during the end of its last quarter phase, for two or three days in a row there was always a 8775 star 8776 at the same distance from the moon to the right. It followed the moon around. The star was still visible when the moon disappeared when the Sun came up. I 8767 m guessing this 8775 star 8776 was Venus.

So which visions are true if we rely on this sort of evidence only? We can 8767 t rely on them as they are polar opposites. We have to do scientific experiments to find what is true and what is not. It also makes me deeply suspicious about some OBEs and opens up the possibility that perhaps certain realms of the afterlife is one big emotional astral con job. (They say the astral realm is the emotional realm after all). What better way to mess with people who don 8767 t know any better (ignorant). Who is going to question incredible indescribable selfless love? This game may be much bigger than we had first thought.

Well, I 8767 m proposing an interesting possibility that modern folks (like the person who gave that Stanford lecture in the ICFreely link above) might be slightly misinterpreting what the Torah actually said about this, and that the paragraph could be rewritten as follows:

This is a good visual summary of nice solid points,
attempting to convince the reader of a 8775 flat-earth 8776 ,
some of the points are useful for those who realize
that we are actually living inside the Concave Earth.

And if one accepts that idea, then suddenly one starts thinking that nothing is real, that reality is highly mutable, and the end result will be not being sure of anything since 8775 Well, we keep jumping around to varying universes, each universe being different, so nothing can really be said for sure about reality. 8776

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