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Tessy, some people can touch their tounges to their nose. Ooo I 8767 m also one of those rare people who can put their fist i their mouths? cool!!

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Look at the back of your hand and extend your thumb. See those two little tendons pop out and form a triangle between your wrist and your first thumb joint? Scientists call that triangle the anatomical snuff box, because people used to have the habit of sniffing powdered tobacco from this fleshy depression.

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The adult human skeleton has 756 bones. The smallest is the stapes or stirrup, the innermost of three bones in the middle ear the femur (thighbone) is the longest and strongest, and the tibia in the lower leg is the second largest in the human skeleton. What you may not know is that babies are born with about 775 bones. Some fuse together as their bodies grow.

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Carnivorous, bog-dwelling plants called bladderworts can snap their traps shut in less than a millisecond, 655 times faster than a Venus flytrap.

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The Catholic Church once put a dead Pope on trial. After Pope Formosus died in . 896, his successor had him disinterred, dressed in papal robes and set up to face a laundry list of political charges. The cadaver lost.

Read all about the history of our amazing world. We have famous kings and queens from history, Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt and Rome.

Oh and do goldfish really turn white if you leave them in a dark room for a period of time? I read it on another site but always wondered if it was true…

Introduce the topic of trivia and fun facts by writing the following ‘interesting facts’ on the board and ask students to complete the sentences in pairs or small groups. Do the first one as a whole class.

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